Which would you choose, Watch or Smartphone?

Jun 18 2020 Journal

Simple and easy 

Seeing the time is much easier and quicker when wearing a watch compared to smartphones. You just need to raise your wrist to look at the time. Using your mobilephone you first need to take it out of your pocket and press the button before you can see the time.  

Tell time more accurately 

Smartphones give more accurate time because they automatically adjust the clock to your current location; very useful when you go travelling. Quartz watches are also very accurate but do not automatically adjust when travelling to different time zones. 

More durable 

The watch is more durable in terms of the passage of time. The watch battery lasts very much longer than the smartphone battery, which needs to be recharged frequently. 


In fashion terms, of course, a quality watch gives the wearer kudos and enhances self-esteem. Smartphones are seen more as a communication tool and only the very pricey ones have some status as fashion accessories 

So, what have you decided 

Are you more comfortable using your watch to see the time or do you prefer to use a smartphone? 

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