Smart Fashion Tips: Clashing Color Patterns or Motifs

Dec 18 2019 Journal

  • Focus on one bright color
    If you will combine two motifs with different colors, make sure to choose one calm color and one bright color. Like wearing neutral colored pants with a bright blue shirt top. This will balance the two different motives. For the elegant lady in you, a rose gold color watch will definitely complete you.
  • Choose a neutral color match
    To create a chic style without looking excessive, you can choose a matching fashion motif with neutral colors. For example, combining a white color blazer top with a light khaki brown pants. This neutral look is very chic and can never go wrong for your everyday wear. A black watch with a black dial is very neutral and cool to match neutral colorway dressing.
  • Make sure to select one of the same color derivatives
    Another more classic and chic way is to choose the same color derivative. Matching the same base color but in different motifs and color tone looks neat and stylish. For example, when you wearing a dark blue top with a darker washed denim along with navy blue sneakers. A stainless steel watch with a blue dial will add a touch of sophistication as your go along accessory.
  • Accessories
    Using necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches and other jewelry to accessorize your outfit is a must.  It all depends on the occasion, time and location in choosing the right accessories. Daytime accessories are simpler and can easily be matched with a stainless steel watch. In the evening, you can be bold and bring out all the gleaming jewelry along with a rose gold colored watch.
Good luck!