Keep Up Your Fashion Sense During Those Rainy Days!

Mar 30 2020 Journal

In tropical countries, the rainy season occurs near the beginning of the year. Stormy weather can be expected almost daily. A trench coat is an excellent choice, as it is practical and comfortable to wear. Trench coats can also be fashion statements to define your total look, while at the same time protecting you from the wet and cold. Here are some tips to combine with your trench coat to make your appearance even more self-assured.

White Trouser Pants

Wear a sweater or shirt with white trouser pants underneath the trench coat, which forms the outer layer. To keep your feet dry and to give an ‘edge’ to your appearance, combine this ensemble with a pair of trendy fashion boots.

A Scarf and Bag in a Standout colour

Give a best shot to your OOTD with a bag in a striking colour. Combine this with your trench coat and add a scarf that is also in a bold colour, like red or yellow.

Jogging pants

Jogging pants are casual and comfortable to wear. Make your appearance ‘cool’ by adding a trench.

Comfy jeans

Jeans and trench coats are the perfect mix to look chic when traveling.

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