How to Calibrate Chronograph Watches

Mar 17 2020 Journal

This misalignment can happen after a battery change or when the chronograph button is accidently pressed while the crown is in the time/date adjust positions. Do not be alarmed, this can happen even in brand new timepieces and may be rectified with a simple calibration.

To perform the calibration on a quartz movement. Pull the crown fully out and press the top chronograph button to reposition the second hand. Each press of the button will move the hand a distance equivalent to the sub-division scale. If the button is pressed and held down, the hand will move continuously. Once the second hand is perfectly aligned to the zero position, return and secure the crown to its original position.

The calibration procedure does vary with different movement types. For example, the chronograph bottom button can be used to calibrate hands in a sub-dial or move the second hand in the opposite direction to the top button. More information is available on the internet concerning chronograph calibration for different types of movement.

So, fret not. A simple calibration will easily return the second or sub-dial hands back to the zero position.