Handy Tips to Clean Up Your Watch Collection

May 26 2020 Journal

Here are some tips you can apply so that your watch stays durable and well maintained.

To clean your watches, you will need some soap and water. It should be noted that NOT all watches may be cleaned with soap and water, namely those watches that are not water-resistant or with leather straps. Cleaning should only be done only on the outside surfaces. Be sure to use cold water because hot water may affect the gasket, seal, and surface material.

Watches that may be cleaned with soap and water are those manufactured from stainless steel, titanium or rubber and have mineral crystal or sapphire crystal glass. Mesh straps and jubilee straps require special handling. Use a soft brush to clean between the links. To be more sterile, very careful use of a 60% alcohol solution may be used but do not use to excess. Just apply a few drops of the solution on a cotton cloth, because alcohol is also not recommended for some watch materials, especially those containing coatings. Avoid using an alcohol solution on watches made of plastic, ceramic, carbon fiber.

If you would like your watch to be professionally cleaned it can be carried out by a trusted watch dealer or repairer. We recommend that you visit the Time Concept showroom to have your favorite watch thoroughly cleaned.

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