Choose Stylish Watches

Dec 13 2019 Journal

 And even though you are cool with the fashion that you use without a watch, your appearance will feel something is lacking. Therefore, you must choose a watch that suits your personality: 

  1. The first thing to note is the proportion of the size of the wrist with the diameter of the watch. If your wrist is large, a watch with a wide diameter will be more suitable. Vice versa. The proportion of this size is important to note because if it does not fit will give the impression that your watch is too big or too small. Instead of getting cool, you might look even stranger. 
  2. The second is a model. There are three types of men’s watch models: formal, sporty, and casual. AC 8601 can be your choice for those who have high mobility so they need a watch that can be present at every moment.
  3. The third is the design. A simple design can make you appear more elegant 
  4. The fourth is the color. There are only three colors that are suitable for formal styles: silver, black, and gold. These three colors are suitable for most types of men’s skin color and other fashion items that you wear. In addition to the three colors, you also have to be a very clever mix and match with other fashion items so that your appearance becomes more stylish. 

With these four considerations, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a watch that suits your taste and budget