Expedition Himalaya 6757 Titanium and 6772 Launching

Mar 17 2020 Journal

The Himalaya E 6772 has a full 48mm stainless steel case and a 36.5 mm bezel dial opening. This is the first 6-9-12 chronograph configuration in the Himalayan series collection and is waterproof up to 5 ATM.

E 6757 Titanium is dedicated to couples who seek adventure. The chronograph version comes in a 6-9-12 sub-dial configuration, displaying 1/20 Second, Minutes and Seconds, respectively and is housed in a full stainless-steel case of 42×53 mm. The ladies’ collection has a multi-function movement, with secondary Day, Date and Hour displays and has a smaller case, size 34.5 mm. Water proof up to 5 ATM.

The use of titanium for the Himalaya E 6757, makes it not only 30% stronger than steel but also 50% lighter. Titanium is extremely tenacious against the elements, including salt and saltwater, without fear of corrosion. The Himalayan titanium collection is not affected by extreme temperatures and remains comfortable, even in areas of high humidity.

According to Kasih Rama, Head of Brand Activation “Watches are accessories that not only tell the time but also project the identity and character of the user.” Kasih went on to say, “We present 3 elegant E 6772 variants with different dial and strap colour combinations. The E6757 has 5 different dial colours”.

Expedition introduced the Himalaya collection, in the presence of Darius and Donna, at the Time Concept Showroom, on 23rd November 2019. Donny, President of the RORI biker community, was in attendance, accompanied by members from several RORI communities and the CRF Owners Club.