EXP Watch – Meet The EXPert

Mar 28 2019 Journal

This event will be opened by Head of Brand Activation – Kasih Rama who will welcome the media and various guests to introduce the EXP brand characters and the newly released series of watches.

EXP watches are professional watches engineered to withstand the harsh outdoor environment for the adventurer in you.

“MEET THE EXPERT” event is scheduled on Thursday, August 30, 2018 at Brewerkz Restaurant & Bar, Jakarta. We will be welcoming The EXPerts from welcomeing the experts from various communities and fields of extreme sports for this special event to share their passion with EXP watches. They are from the extreme sport communities, travel lovers, Indonesian socialites and of course watch collectors. They are the people who dare to follow EXP Challenge; we called #ChallengeTheEXPert, a day before the event. They stand to win the new EXP Watch EXP 3008 – World of Modern Classic, through a popularity vote via the Social Media – Instagram.

During the event – we will be challenging their strength through Arm Wrestling Fun-Competition against the EXPert of Body Builder, Putu Sembah.

The new EXP 3008 – World of Modern Classic is equipped with the ultimate chronograph technology. Combines retro styling and antiquated touches. A Chronograph is an instrument for measuring feature, also known as a stopwatch. Amidst the millennial trends of watches hunting, watchmakers are designing watches with antiquated aesthetic elements and modern functions.

The new EXP 3007 – World of Diver is joining a league of diving watches already in the market. Many watch companies have also recently expanded their product range, an example of such is the Deep Blue Depthmeter professional chronograph. As implied, the Depthmeter equipped with a functional dept gauge and Superluminova. Our EXP 3007 comes fitted with dozens of tiny luminous Indies to improve visibility and add visual appeal.

“EXP watches by Expedition are specially engineered for the experts in you.”