Essential Hiking Tips For Beginners

Mar 17 2020 Journal

Hiking is an extreme sport that is popular with all age groups. This activity can helps to lower blood pressure and to reduce weight. However, hiking requires physical strength and also a lot of preparation because it is wise to be prepared for the unexpected. Here are some tips, for the first-timer, that should be considered before taking up hiking.

  1. Start a small challenge first

    Choose a short trip that will suit your physical ability. Research and be prepared for, the conditions you will encounter on your hike and at your destination.

  2. Exercise to gain Strength.

    Prior to taking up hiking, you need to spend at least a month doing suitable exercise to gain physical strength and stamina. For example, jogging around your area and some form of resistance training.

  3. Invite an experienced friend to join you.

    A knowledgeable experienced friend would be a great advantage.

  4. Carry only Essential Items.

    Restrict your baggage to only those items that are essential, such as waterproof jackets, sleeping bags, water and, of course, your Expedition 6781 watch that is waterproof up 10 ATM. Ideal for outdoor adventures.

  5. Protect the Environment!

    Every type of landscape has its own particular beauty. Take care of the beauty of nature and the environment. Remember. DO NOT throw ANY litter when on your hike. Put it in your backpack and take it home for disposal.

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