Do You Wear a Left or Right Watch? There's a Meaning!

Dec 13 2019 Journal

Not only because of the function, the watch is also often used for everyday style. In wearing a watch, everyone has its own habits. Some wear a clock on the left hand, there is also a wear on the right hand. Or some are still confused, which should wear the right watch?. Try reading the following article, it turns out to wear a watch on the side that also there is meaning! Let’s find out!

  • Most people wear watches in non-dominant hands.
    If you are a left-handed person, tend to wear a clock in the right hand. Conversely, if you don’t left-handed usually wear on the left hand. With the clock face up or out. Are you included?
  • The person wearing a watch in the left hand is out or up.
    Easy going, indifferent, time-consuming and less perfectionistic is typical of a watch user in the left hand facing up. Generally, the user watches practical and simple-minded and happy to work with his hands. Who is this?
  • The left hand is either inward or downward direction.
    Responsibility, but a typical person who is easily offended, though not disclosed. The wearer of the watch in the left hand is pointing down this does not like much change. Thoughts are fast and logical, though sometimes not simple. Are you the man?
  • Right-hand exit or face up.
    People who wear clocks on the right-hand face up tend to be spontaneous and candid. High spirited and cheerful. They are sleek and easy to get along with anyone.
  • Right hand in or down direction.
    His character tends to be very emotional, and perfectionist in terms of timeliness. People who wear watches in the lower right hand is a regular and reliable person.