Battery Watches VS Automatic Watches

Jan 25 2022 Highlight

Accurate time and continues to live until the battery runs out. Maintenance is also easy and more affordable. To distinguish a battery watch, it can be identified by observing the seconds hand, which is 1 step for every second. Some types of battery watches today also have "sweep" technology, which is the second hand that continues to run like an automatic or mechanical watch. Meanwhile, automatic watches have a longer power and are more eco-friendly because they do not leave waste replacing batteries every at least once a year, while to distinguish automatic watches, it can be identified by observing the leaping of the second hand, namely the absence of a jump for every second. However, there is a weakness in automatic watches, namely that the active period only lasts 2 - 5 days depending on the caliber used and to reactivate, please give the clock movement to move the turning wheel of the automatic watch.

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