Alexandre Christie X Jakarta Sound OF Love

Sep 26 2022 A Week On The Wrist

Alexandre Christie, the watchmaker, proudly started the year with the introduction of a new premium product – model AC 6295 MTR. The futuristic design of this new World Version 5.0 model incorporates a palette of artistic colours, integrated with an automatic skeleton movement enclosed within a strong, rustproof, and impact resistant, titanium structure.  

As described by Kasih Rama, Head of Brand Activation - “A watch is not only an accessory that tells the time, it also enables us to promote our identity and personality. It accentuates the fun and energetic quality of the Millennials.”  

AC 6295 MTR is a futuristic artwork that calculates time. It combines the daring concept of Art steampunk, with a play of strong lines to accommodate an automatic skeletal movement. Kasih Rama added -  “We present 5 cool variants of AC 6295 MTR with different strap colours and choices of leather straps. The watch diameter is 48 x 57 mm.”  

Embracing the future, AC 6295 MTR was launched at a special event, Jakarta Sound Of Love, organised by The INews on September 08, 2022. Jakarta Sound Of Love is a music festival aimed at Millennials. Numerous performers were featured, such as Kaleb J, Yura Yunita, and Vierra. To quote Kasih Rama - “We believed that Jakarta Sound Of Love, a very prestigious event, was perfectly placed for the introduction of  our latest product, AC 6295 MTR. We are very confident that AC 6295 MTR will be an ideal timepiece to fulfil the passions of Millennials who are not afraid to be themselves, because Life Is Passion.”