Advantages of Wearing a Watch

Mar 21 2019 Journal

Watches have become a fashion statement for both professionals and students alike. It can communicate a lot about the wearer’s personality, reflecting the wearer’s lifestyle. Many people are now willing to spend more on quality and exclusive pieces as if the watches themselves project mystical power to entice the buyers to part with their wealth.

Some advantages of wearing watches, other than as accessories, as quoted from an online forum in Indonesia, are:

  • Activities become more organized.
    Why is that? Try to remember a time when you wear a watch versus the time you did not. One is always reminded of the seconds or minute that have passed. It indicates how much time was spent and how much time one has till the next activity. Scheduled activities may be missed or delayed if you do not have a watch as a reminder.
  • Importance of time management.
    People who are accustomed to wearing watches, whether consciously or unconsciously are more aware of time. Thereby allowing them to choose the right activity for the right occasion.
  • Understanding that time is valuable.
    Time is so valuable that it is priceless. When wearing a watch becomes habitual, it fosters a positive attitude towards time. An awareness that once time is lost, it can never be recovered, spurring one to reach their goals.
  • Moving forward with confidence.
    People who often look at watch hands in motion will have a better idea of what he can do, thereby allowing him to plan his activities and goals.
  • As a partner and timekeeper
    A watch is like a silent alarm, tirelessly reminding you of your plans.