7 Best Surfing Spots in the World

Mar 21 2019 Journal

Here are 7 beaches that have the best surf and surf spots in the world!

  1. Waikiki, Hawaii
    Undoubtedly, Hawaii has become a ‘paradise’ for surfers worldwide. Waikiki is a good place for beginner surfers, with gentle waves, it makes surfing here very relaxed and enjoyable.
  2. Bondi Beach, Australia
    Bondi is one of the most popular beaches for surfers. The waves and sand beaches are not the only attractions, this beach also has restaurants and shops that you can visit when the waves are not so good.
  3. Biarritz, France
    Biarritz Beach is truly the world’s best surfing destination. This resort has been favoured by world class surfers many years.
  4. Cloudbreak, Fiji
    Famous for its big waves, this beach is widely used by surfers who are experts. The brutal waves can frequently form huge cavities.
  5. Pipeline, Hawaii
    Hawaii is the paradise for surfers. Pipeline is called the grandfather of all waves. All surfers dream of shooting the waves here. The waves in Pipeline are some of the toughest in the world.
  6. Mentawai, Indonesia
    Indonesia also has many beautiful beaches that are good for surfing. One of the best is the beach located on Mentawai island. The clear and warm waters have attracted world surfers since the early 1990s. Mentawai is now known as one of the best surfing beaches in the world.
  7. Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
    On this beach, there are very powerful waves called super tubes. These waves are what many professional surfers search for. Boneyards, Kitchen Windows, and Magna Tubes are beaches that are safer to surf by beginners and by those less experienced.