5 Tourist Attractions in Barcelona to Visit

Mar 21 2019 Journal

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia in Spain. The city is also the second largest city in Spain. As a tourist destination, Barcelona attracts millions of tourists each year. The city is also famous for its stunning natural scenery, colorful streets, as well as culinary tours of various kinds. Here is a list of attractions in Barcelona that should be visited:

  1. Las Ramblas is the most famous boulevard in Barcelona. Along the street, at Las Ramblas, there are small shops selling food, antiques, souvenirs and local produce. The street artists are a very interesting sight when they entertain the tourists wearing their very attractive costumes.
  2. Montjuic which means ‘Mount of the Jews’ is a shallow hill located in the southwest of the city of Barcelona. On the eastern side of the hill is a cliff with incredible scenery that can serve as a very beautiful photo background. Some of the best attractions of Montjuic are Nacional Island, Magic Fountain, Pavello Mies Van der Rohe and Poble Espanyol. For those of you who love the outdoors, a visit to the Nou Jardi Botanic, with its many thousands of plant species, is very worthwhile. This botanical garden contains thousands of plant species. The park was created just before the 1992 Olympics was hosted by Barcelona.
  3. Guell Park. If you enjoy a leisurely stroll in the park, then Guell Park is the place in Barcelona to visit. This park is also the work of the extraordinary architect, Antoni Gaudi and has a variety of rock types, as well as colourful ceramics.
  4. La Sagrada Familia is the number one tourist attraction in Barcelona. This remarkable building was founded in 1882 and is still being developed. The famous architect, Antoni Gaudi designed this iconic cathedral. The basilica attracts about 2.8 million visitors annually.
  5. Casa Mila, also known as La Pedrera, is another renowned building designed by Antoni Gaudi. This historic structure was established between 1906 and 1912 and is regarded as his most eccentric work. Some of Gaudi’s best works are housed within the iconic twisted form of this unique building