4 Must Have Accessories for a Style That Is More Trendy

Oct 08 2019 Journal

5 accessories leaks that will become a trend and you must have so that your style becomes more fashionable. Continue scrolling!

  1. Sunglasses, especially those that are tiny, will make your style even cooler. 
  2. Transparent is the main star in the weekend mode you shouldn’t underestimate. You can try the latest transparent Alexandre Christie watch that will make you stand out more, with Alexandre Christie 2808 bf choice of colors that is very eyecatching.
  3. This trend is right for you who want to look fashionable and not wear complicated. Just use a hat that suits your style and it will look different from usual.
  4. Save your plain bag first for a while and start trying bags with unique motifs or pictures. It’s so cute!